Jefry Tribowo, Agseisa - Mask Dance (Official Video)


Jefry Tribowo, Agseisa -  Mask Dance

Manopeng is cultural activity which held routinely every year in Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan, Indonesia), and it is generated hereditarily in one family almost half a century ago.

The aimed of this activity is to give offerings for the creatures who is believed as mask gatekeeper. The dancers who perform manopeng (the mask dance) felt possessed when they wear mask, and their dancing movements spontaneously as if it is moved by the mask gatekeeper.

Vocal: Agseisa (
Composed & Arranged by: Jefry Albari Tribowo ( & Irwansyah Noor
Gamelan & Madihin: Ferdi Irawan
Recording: JEF Music
Mixing & Mastering: Jefry Albari Tribowo
Video: Jefry
Video Editor: Danang Riyadi (

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